Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Seva and the Stomach Flu

It started on Friday. Anahata came down with a stomach virus. Lots of bodily fluids. You don't even think about how gross it is. You clean it up and serve. Wow, no one mentioned this part when I was pregnant or loving up my newborn. But, here it is!
Saturday morning I am not feeling so well. I stay in bed in the morning and by noon, I am emptied of all of my fluids. Anahata is still sick and will pretty much only ingest breast milk. So I do what any mother would do and has done, serve.
Saturday night Stephen comes down with it. He spends most of Sunday resting. Anahata is still sick but picking up a bit of steam.
Monday we lay low. Anahata is still sick but eating a little and I re-schedule my Tuesday morning but keep my plans to go to a yoga class for the evening.
Tuesday starts out good but after Anahata's nap more fluids are flying. I am still not 100% and I cancel my Tue. eve plans go for a walk with my sweet daughter. I wipe her forehead and do another load of laundry. This is hard work this mothering job!
So, send a lot of love your mothers way this weekend. We don't even realize how much they have served us and how much they love us that they would do anything for us!
Happy Mother's Day!

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