Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Tuesday: 9:30-11am Prenatal/Postpartum class at The Yoga Workshop
Thursday: 5:30-7:15am Level 1/Form&Foundation at The Yoga Workshop
Friday: 8:50-11:20am Beginning at North Boulder Recreation Center
Saturday: 4:00-5:15pm Mixed Levels/Vinyasa at The Yoga Workshop
Sunday: 7:30-9:15am Level 2/Form&Foundation at The Yoga Workshop
March 29th: Restore/Rejuvenate at The Yoga Workshop, 2pm
April 11th: Subbing for Richard at The Yoga Workshop, 5:30pm
April 26th: Restore/Rejuvenate at The Yoga Workshop, 2pm


This Saturday at The Yoga Workshop I will be teaching a special Rejuvenate/Restore class from 2-3:45. I hope you can come experience the peace of this class.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Ring the Bell

Anahata starts early with ringing the bell. When we hear the bell we can stop and breathe. We can stop and listen. We can be present in the here and now. At any age we can practice!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sanskrit Lesson

To learn a chant in sanskrit, the tradition is to have a teacher chant a line, then you repeat it back. It is an oral tradition and we often don't have it written out for us to read. So, repeat after me.


(Say it like you feel good, Like ahhhhhhh this massage feels great, ahhhhhhhh what a beautiful sunrise, ahhhhhhhhh what a cute baby, you get it now.)

Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (like Nah)

Ha Ha Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Ta Ta Taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (strong T sound like "Tea" not Da)

Now put it all together. Ahhhhhhhhnaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaataaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

So it is not:

Ann A Hata
nor is it
Anahaddddda ( not hello madda, hello fadda here is my daughter anahaddddda)

It means, heart center or from the heart. If you think about it coming from your heart your eyes will soften and an inward smile comes.

Thank you for the lesson today.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Spring Cleaning

So.......I am a winner. I won a 10 week makeover. A transformation of choice. I wrote an essay when Anahata was 10 weeks old to win a makeover offered by women entrepreneurs in Boulder County. Ten women would win 10 weeks of services based on their goals, what they wanted to transform in their life. At the time I wrote the essay I was so overwhelmed with the change that the first baby brings to a family. Being sleep deprived a massage and spa treatments sounded heavenly.

Well, I won and the makeover started about 5 weeks ago. One of the areas I wanted to transform was "my stacks". Being a visual person, I like to have things out to remind me to do them, or in my case now, to have them accessible when I have time. So I have stacks. Four or five of them. There was a Professional Organizer with the makeover, so I decided to get some help.

In yoga philosophy there is the 8 limbs of yoga. The first limb is the yamas or observances the second limb is the niyamas or disciplines. The first niyama is sauca or cleanliness. I knew if my space had some order my mind might be able to follow along. Simplify. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

The professional organizer, Liz, came over last week. I was nervous. To show her my stacks and my closet seemed exciting and overwhelming! She came to the door and we spoke a while then she asked for a tour of our home. We went to one end of my home and we started.

"What do you like about this room? What works? What is in there?(pointing to a closet). What are all those boxes, that stack of papers, the stack of books.............?????" After one room I wanted to curl up and stop! But we continued on. Next some hall closets, a small bathroom, Anahata's room and her closet, the living room, kitchen (including the cabinets), the laundry room, the master bedroom and my closet and the master bath. Opening up cabinet after cabinet and closet after closet the same thing kept coming up, DISORDER! It was laugh or cry. I laughed.

We sat down and started to go through one of my stacks. Piece by piece of paper. We came up with a plan that made sense and I agreed to get what I needed to start on that project and we used the remainder of our time clearing out the first room of all the clutter to make room for my sister visiting this next week. We schlepped out items to the shed, took things to the curb (that were all taken to be reused by others) and threw out or recycled the trash items. In 2 hours time I felt like a spring cleaning plan had started to unfold. I don't feel overwhelmed by my stacks or junk, but inspired to simplify and apply yoga to my closets!

I have started a plan for my stacks and only have one stack yet to go through. I have started my closet after walking in there multiple times, looking around, feeling overwhelmed and walking out and I am ready to start on one project at a time and get through it!

Stay tuned for more on this. She is coming again in April!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Is Goodnight Moon a Yoga Book?

I read this book every night to my daughter. After a recent conversation with my friend Mary I started to contemplate why is this book, Goodnight Moon, a classic? Why is it "timeless"? It is so simple. Almost too simple. It starts out noticing parts of a room. Then it says goodnight to parts of the room.
Like yoga practice. We take notice. We become aware of our room. We come into our body like we come into a room. We come into the present moment by noticing, becoming aware and taking our attention to different parts of our body and our breath.
Like yoga practice. We say goodnight to our body parts, our yoga practice and even our breath in Savasana, the corpse pose.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Women's Body Stories

We had an amazing journey today at the Women's Body Stories workshop. 16 women of all ages, shapes, sizes, backgrounds and stories came together today. We practiced postures, breathing, listening and writing. We shared some of what we wrote in a circle. We laughed, cried, felt connected in our sisterhood. Thank you all you wonderful women and for those of you who couldn't come..........write!

My Guru Anahata

This is my sweet daughter, Anahata. She is my movement teacher nowdays. My friend and yoga teacher, Kimberly, asked me what is informing and inspiring my practice and teaching lately. Well, this video says it all. The way she moves her hips, organizes her crawling and how she gets around. It is art. It is the most beautiful movement I have seen. I often get down on the floor and say, "let me try that".

Friday, March 7, 2008

This weekend workshop

Women's Body Stories: A writing and yoga workshop
This Saturday, March 8th, 12-4pm
Boulder Circus Center, located in North Boulder

Hello Blog

Hello Blog,
Well, here I go. It was suggested by some wonderful women in the "how to get your information out there field" to do a blog. It makes sense to me. I get to share what I love about yoga and keep my friends up to date on current classes and workshop offerings. I have had fun on picking out colors, photos and what to post. Hello Blog! Hello World! Hello Yoga!