Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Great Spirit-The Eagle

Yesterday Anahata and I went for a walk near our home. On the trail we saw a man and a woman on bikes stopped off to the side. The man was looking up, the other biker was on her cell phone. Of course I looked up also to see what he was looking at. A majestic bird, up quite high, in full wing span flew over my head. Next, the man yells, "watch out, he dropped it!" Not knowing what was happening or where "it" was I moved forward a little quicker. I then heard a loud thud behind us.
A falling prairie dog. The sky wasn't falling, but a prairie dog was. The man said it was an eagle and that he was glad he was there and said something or it would have hit us. I asked him, "how close was it?" He responded, "very close!". I walked on a bit dazed, but not too terribly freaked out. I was looking for the meaning of it all.
I called my sister in law, Sue West. She had an animal book with meanings of these kind of things. This is what her resource said. What a message!
The Eagle is a representation of the Great Spirit. It is of the realm of spirit and of the realm of earth. Take heart and gather your courage the universe is giving you the opportunity to soar above the mundane level of your life. Broaden your sense of self beyond the horizon of what is presently visible. Attack your personal fear of the unknown. Love the shadow as well as the light, to see beauty in both and take flight like the eagle.

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