Saturday, March 8, 2008

My Guru Anahata

This is my sweet daughter, Anahata. She is my movement teacher nowdays. My friend and yoga teacher, Kimberly, asked me what is informing and inspiring my practice and teaching lately. Well, this video says it all. The way she moves her hips, organizes her crawling and how she gets around. It is art. It is the most beautiful movement I have seen. I often get down on the floor and say, "let me try that".


Geoffrey said...

Girl got rhythm!

What a cutie. Jen and I have another one on the way - due in April. I look forward to seeing you around Boulder with our little Gurus :)

Much love,

Julie Pellerin (jules) said...

both of my daughters slept in the "childs pose". So THAT is where the name comes from.