Sunday, March 9, 2008

Is Goodnight Moon a Yoga Book?

I read this book every night to my daughter. After a recent conversation with my friend Mary I started to contemplate why is this book, Goodnight Moon, a classic? Why is it "timeless"? It is so simple. Almost too simple. It starts out noticing parts of a room. Then it says goodnight to parts of the room.
Like yoga practice. We take notice. We become aware of our room. We come into our body like we come into a room. We come into the present moment by noticing, becoming aware and taking our attention to different parts of our body and our breath.
Like yoga practice. We say goodnight to our body parts, our yoga practice and even our breath in Savasana, the corpse pose.


michal said...

good night to you too De and thank you for the blog - what a terrific idea!

Siek Family said...

We love Goodnight Moon too. Each time we read it, we point out something that changes throughout the book - the moon placement, the size of the fire, the darkness of the room.

Anonymous said...

We read that book every night for years to Kalil. He loved it , over and over again. A comfort to know what was coming and anticipating it each evening.The predictability of it seemed to produce a peaceful end to each day for him. Enjoy these days.....they go by so fast!
Love you,
Annie O