Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sanskrit Lesson

To learn a chant in sanskrit, the tradition is to have a teacher chant a line, then you repeat it back. It is an oral tradition and we often don't have it written out for us to read. So, repeat after me.


(Say it like you feel good, Like ahhhhhhh this massage feels great, ahhhhhhhh what a beautiful sunrise, ahhhhhhhhh what a cute baby, you get it now.)

Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (like Nah)

Ha Ha Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Ta Ta Taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (strong T sound like "Tea" not Da)

Now put it all together. Ahhhhhhhhnaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaataaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

So it is not:

Ann A Hata
nor is it
Anahaddddda ( not hello madda, hello fadda here is my daughter anahaddddda)

It means, heart center or from the heart. If you think about it coming from your heart your eyes will soften and an inward smile comes.

Thank you for the lesson today.

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